About the Hab

Owners James & Becky Farrar


The Hab was conceived in 1996 on a trip to Florida - Becky and I were discussing what "in a perfect world" we would do instead of working in the corporate world. After seeing my father coach swimming for many years - I saw the reward of people coming back saying their lives had been changed by being part of a team. A pool wasn't practical or affordable – Plus a neighboring town already had one - so we looked to a sport center.  Using our 401K and investor money we started the HAB in Sept 1997. 

 Construction started September 1997 and was completed Christmas the same year. 

Since 1998

We opened in January 1998 - and were immediately sold out. 


When building it - we decided we did not want to number the fields or color them - we wanted names that meant something - so:


Reilly Field - Named after William Reilly  - the owners Brother In Law - who was an avid sports fan and basketball player - we picked the "hard" court for his field. 


Pantano Field - Named after Patricia Pantano  - a Milford Teacher and guidance counselor of young people for so many years. 


Kurowski Field - Named After Keith Kurowski - a teacher in the Uxbridge School system who tragically passed away from cancer when our daughter was in school. He was very well liked and respected. 


Veterans Field - Named at the time for the living Veterans we knew - there were so many, but after 21 years - only one of the living group is still with us. 


We built the facility for sports, teams and fair play - we understood the consequences of holding high standards - we would lose teams and groups, but after 21 years - we feel it still holds true to our core values.

Contact Us

374 West St. Uxbridge, MA 01569

info@thehab.com  |  Tel: Tel:508-278-9888


374 West Street

Uxbridge, MA   01569

508-278-9888 or info@thehab.com

Weather Updates 

In the rare instance The Hab is closed due to inclement weather, an update will appear on Facebook.

As a private facility, we have the right to refuse service

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