Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

What should my son or daughter bring to camp?

Every camper should come to camp with a water bottle, a change of clothes (swim suit or clothing to wear if we use the water park), at least two snacks for first and second snack, shoes to play sports in, and socks for bounce house use. We do NOT allow outside toys to be brought in during summer camp. IE; trading cards, soccer balls, footballs, and stuffed animals.

What is a normal summer camp day like?

Every day is slightly different but the normal day is we play until 10/10:30 where we then break and have our first snack break of the day. Once snack break it is over we break out playing games, doing arts and crafts, or going out side until lunch break which is around noon every day. After lunch we once again break up and play games until 3 when we have our last snack of the day.

Do I need to pack lunch for them every day?

You can always pack lunch for you child, but we also provide lunch for the days that you do not want to make lunch. We provide lunch for $4 for a regular and $5 for a large and the lunch option changes every day. We do ask that every child comes with at least two snacks for their first and second snack of the day.

What time can I pick up my son/daughter?

You can pick up your son or daughter at any point during the day. The latest you can pick up if you signed up for basic day it is 4PM and if you signed up for extended day it is 5:30PM. There is a fee for late pickups.

Do all of the kids play together 4-13 seems like very big age range?

We break all them up to "The Little's" and "The Big's" groups. The Littles is all kids under six and some seven year old that opt. to play with the younger group. The Big's are all kids seven and up and we sometimes will break them it two groups 7-9/10 and 10-13 year old groups for some games.

On extreme hot days what do you guys do?

On the days where we have extreme heat we make sure the kids stay hydrated and do not over work themselves. We have a large ac'd room where we have them play with legos/board games/ and watch movies. We still try and play sports but in shorter increments then a normal day, and have them cool off in one of our two ac'd rooms in between games. We also have a small water park for the kids to run through outside to stay cool and still enjoy outside.

What sports do you guys play during camp?

We almost every sport imaginable; football, wiffleball, soccer, dodgeball, basketball, Dec hockey, fishy-fishy, red light- green light, relay races, Mat ball, and many Hab made games! On top of our games we also play board games and do arts and crafts for the kids who do not want to play in the game.

Does my child require updated medical records to attend camp?

Yes, all campers must have an updated immunization record at camp per state regulations.

Are there refunds given if we decide not to attend camp?

Yes, if there is a two week notice given prior to the week you are attending (less the deposit) . If your child has a medical issue that prevents them from attending camp a refund can be issued with a doctors note.


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